Violations of Federal & State Laws & Statutes 

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Prestige Financial Services Endangers Lives With illegal Auto Repossessions "Breach of the Peace"

Prestige Financial Services of Utah using the Covid19 Virus has its repo agents, use McDonalds fast food drive through's to trap and endanger anyone in and around the drive through's by not only blocking the drive thru but backing (reversing) into the drive through, slamming into the vehicle, raising and dropping the vehicle to terrorize the driver (owner) to dislodge them from the vehicle, Then dragging the vehicle out of the drive throuh with the owner still in the vehicle. Endangering the owner of the vehicle, families and bike riders and walk thru customers of the McDonalds. All with a disregard to the safety of everyone. 

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A lender cannot "Breach the Peace" in repossessions as found in both Federal & State Laws & Statutes. If Prestige Financial Services or its agents breached the peace in repossessing your auto come join us in our federal lawsuit. Prestige Financial Services is responsible for actions of the repossession company. 

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